About Us

Elays Network is a non-profit, youth driven community organisation, based in Wandsworth London, whose goal is to provide a space for growth, enrichment and spiritual development through its variety of programmes.

In addition to this they learn leadership skills and the tools that enables them to became active citizens and future Elays leaders. Ensuring that our good work is passed on to future generations.

Meet the team

Founder & Director

Mohamed Ali

Elays Board Members

Mohamed Ali
Ibrahim Duaale
Istarlin Mohamed
Ahmed Adam
Leila Farah

Project Manager

Abdirahman Xirsi

Project Coordinators

Mohamed Mohamed
Nasra Mohamed
Abdirahman Ismail
Khadija Mahmud
Istarlin Mohamed
Ossob Ossoble

Management Committee

Mohamed Ali
Ibrahim Duaale
Istarlin Mohamed
Ahmed Adam
Leila Farah


Hodan Hussein
Iman Aden
Abdirahman Xirsi
Abdinassir Mahamud
Ahmed Hassan
Intisar Yusuf
Nasreen Mohamed
Nasra Mohamed
Haleema Abdullahi
Mohamed Ali

Project Facilitator

Abdirahman Ismail
(Madrassa facilitator)
Nema Ali
(Womens Only sessions)
Abdirahman Mahamoud
(Madrassa facilitator)
Kossar Haybe
(Tuition teacher)
Ossob Ossoble
(Youth Club facilitator)
(Football sessions)

Back to Who We Are

Our Goals & Values

Mentoring Project

One of our many priorities is to ensure that disadvantaged kids from ethnic minorities do well and stay in school. Sadly this isn’t always the case at the moment, as exclusion rates among these youngsters are unnecessarily high. This really concerns us, as not only is this bad for them, but it also has a knock-on effect on their families and those who love and work in the borough

Our belief is that everyone, regardless of where they’re from, deserves a decent start in life, which is why we decided to set up the Elays Mentoring Project (EMP) in 2012. The project works in conjunction with schools, the Metropolitan Police and Youth Offending Team along with Social Services who refer young people to us whom they think would benefit most from the services we offer. We’re delighted that EMP has proved an invaluable resource to those who need it the most, and are grateful for all the support that it has received over the years.


Our view is that when you’re young it’s important to have someone to look up to – someone who can guide you, and who is there to support and encourage you. Unfortunately many of the kids whom we help don’t have that special person in their lives which is why we created our mentoring programme. It’s important to us that our mentors are from similar backgrounds, and have gone through the same difficulties as the kids we work with have, as their first-hand experience of exactly what they’re going through is really important as it fosters a unique bond between the mentors and the youngsters.

We’ve seen time and time again how this helps our young people to overcome the obstacles that may prevent them from getting on in the world. We’re honoured to work in partnership with a whole host of organisations in order to nurture all aspects of these kids’ development, highlighting that it is possible for kids, parents and teachers to work well together and communicate in a beneficial way.

Elays Mentoring Project aims:

  • To help young students stay in school and prevent exclusion.
  • To strengthen their skills and increase their capabilities.
  • To encourage them to better respect their peers, parents and authority figures.
  • To instill stronger morals, ethics and a better code of conduct.
  • To encourage parental involvement in their education.
  • To strengthen their identity and have secure roots alongside a sense of belonging.
  • To help them learn time management and organisational skills.
  • To get them to engage in beneficial leisure activities.


We’re fully aware that it can be hard for young people to get the chance in life they so richly deserve, especially given today’s climate, but we honestly believe that if they’re given the right help, these kids can soar – the sky’s the limit for them, which is one of the reasons why we’ve developed an ICT Apprenticeship programme in partnership with SomBrit Youth.

Women’s Group

We’re particularly proud that we’re able to offer a space for Somali women, as they are often marginalised and find it difficult to make friends, especially as English isn’t their first language. It’s important that they feel empowered which is why we equip them with the necessary skills to become more confident and take an active part in the community.

Sessions for women take place every Saturday and some of the topics we cover include Arabic lessons, Muhadaras (Islamic lectures) and advice on how the local authority, education system and health services work.

Elays Supplementary School

One of our aims is to ensure that all children are able to read and understand the Holy Qur’an in a safe, nurturing environment and have its meaning properly explained to them. We’re delighted that over the last ten years countless of kids have benefitted from our Madrasas where they have also learnt stories of the prophets, Hadiths (saying of the prophet Muhammed – pbuh), Duas (invocations) and Islamic manners. We pride ourselves on the fact that the learning experience is fun and enjoyable for the kids, as we teach all the above subjects using activities, games and puzzles.

Classes are as follows:

Elderly Primary School
Thursdays: 3.30-5.30pm

The R&E Centre
Mondays & Tuesdays: 4.30-7.00pm
Saturdays: 10.30am-1.30pm

Elays FC

It’s a well known fact that if kids are bored they’re more likely to start causing mischief. If they’ve got little or nothing productive to do in their spare time, they can often be lead astray which is why our football team, Elays FC, has been a hugely positive influence in their lives as it gives them something worthwhile to keep them busy. We like to think that it not only focuses their minds and energies, but also encourages them to become better team players.

Youth Club

It’s really important that we keep the kids engaged which is why the youth club meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week at the Elays centre.

We provide a whole host of activities such as cooking, basketball, football, arts and crafts, education workshops and the Girl Guides also meet at our venue. Everyone aged 11-18 is welcome to come along and join in.

Tuition/Booster Club

Given the nature of what we do, most of the young people whom we help come from disadvantaged backgrounds with parents who were either refugees or asylum seekers. Unfortunately they’ve had a far from easy start in life and often struggle at school which is why we decided to launch the Elays Booster Club in 2014.

Given that English is often their second language we were determined to do everything in our power to prevent them from falling behind the rest of their class in school which is why EBC has been so beneficial as it offers them extra tuition in English, Maths and Science once a week.


It’s important that even though we’re many thousands of miles away from our home country of Somalia that we never forget our culture or the essence of what it is to be Somali. Elmimag.com is an online platform that we have created to acknowledge, recognise and inspire Somali youth as it’s vital that we support one another, no matter where, or who we are. This online platform allows Somalis from all corners of the globe to see what their compatriots are up to, share their success stories and be inspired to achieve great things.Family Fun

Art & Media

Every Saturday the Elays centre is buzzing with young people from all walks of life who come along and share their ideas during our film workshops. Run by professionals whose expertise lies in film and multimedia they help nurture and develop the youngsters’ ideas.


Join Us

Sponsor Us

We hope you agree that the work we’re doing in trying to enrich disadvantaged young lives is something that you want to support. In order to maintain and run our centre in Wandsworth, increase the number of children we help, and continue all the projects we run we need sponsorship. So if you’d be proud to associate your name or your company’s name with Elays, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We’d love you to come down, meet the team, and see first hand the invaluable work that we’re doing and also meet the young people whose lives have been transformed by Elays. You can either send us an email, or give us a call and we’ll arrange a meeting.

Contact Us

The R & E Centre
St Rule Street
Battersea, SW8 3EH

Tel : 020 7720 6864
Email : info@elaysnetwork.com

Office Hours:
Monday : 10am – 3pm
Tuesday: 10am – 3pm
Wednesday: 10am – 3pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
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