Over A Year After Deadly Terror Attack In Somalia, Hope Prevails

On 14 October 2017, a car bomb struck the centre of Mogadishu, Somalia, near the Safari Hotel. The attack, which badly damaged an entire city block, killed 358 people and injured hundreds more.

It was the deadliest terrorist attack in the nation’s history, claiming the lives of innocent civilians and shaking the diaspora. Just over a year later, last Friday, another attack in Mogadishu left 58 dead.

In the wake of last year’s tragedy, a coalition of UK based Somali societies – many of them affiliated with universities – called Somali Youth For Integrity raised £16,138.50 for families affected by the attack:


Now, more than a year after the October attack, and in the light of recent events, SYFI is still working hard to help the people of Somalia.

Last month, a number of university societies affiliated with SYFI raised over £9,000 as part of Charity Week through bake sales, art exhibitions and, in one unusual turn of events, the auctioning of a banana for £6,000:



Back in February, SYFI hosted a fundraiser in support of a massive project building a school in Baidoa, Somalia. With the help of UK Somali groups like Bright Education Centre and Meiza, as well as the Elays network, the fundraiser managed to raise an enormous £57,129.58 – making it the most successful SYFI appeal to date.

Since then, work is well underway on the Baidoa school. The diaspora knows that in order for the country to prosper, Somalia needs to educate the generation who have the power to create a brighter future.

The majority of the Somali population in the UK is new to the country. In fact, over half arrived after 2001. It is only recently that a younger generation has become established enough to enact real change in the manner of SYFI.

We will continue to support SYFI in their efforts to empower the diaspora, and nothing will stop us from working towards bringing about a better Somalia.

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