9 Weird and Outright Ridiculous Questions You’ll Hear During Ramadan

Ramadan is definitely the most beautiful time of year that brings families, friends and Muslim communities together. It’s also a time you’ll get all sorts of questions on fasting, Islam and Ramadan. Some are reasonable and serious – others simply ridiculous. Here are a couple you’ll certainly hear at least once this Ramadan. Get ready…

1 – So, you don’t eat food or drink water… FOR A WHOLE MONTH?!

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Uh-huh, you guessed it.

2 – But, what if you get like, really, really hungry?

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Still fasting.

3- But if it’s like, really hot outside, can’t you drink a little bit of water?

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Fasting doesn’t really go by the temperature guys. If we based it on how hot we think the weather is too, I’m pretty sure British Muslims will be having a field day at anything above 15 degrees this Ramadan.

4 – So, you can break your fast when its dark? What if you just close the blinds?

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Yes, this has genuinely been asked before. Why close the blinds when you can just close your eyes and facepalm at this question.

5 – So, it’s basically like a diet. Don’t you get to lose a lot of weight?

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Let me introduce you to iftaar time and what it feels like to have a food coma. In theory, yes you should lose a little bit of chub because fasting is also about learning self-control and eating everything in moderation. In practice, iftaar is another story.

6 – So, if you taste a little bit of your lip balm, do you break your fast?

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We go cherry-flavoured in the last 10 days.

7 – Why can’t you just give up something you love, like Lent?

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Yeah, that’s not really how Ramadan works. Let’s be real though – if we were to give up something that we love (i.e. food and Rubicon), we’d be fasting anyway.

8 – What about chewing gum? No harm in that, right?

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Nope, none at all. Except you wouldn’t be fasting.

Now we’re talking.

If you’ve looked a little bit like this reading this post, then send us all of the weird and wonderful questions you’ve heard on Ramadan over on our Facebook and Instagram pages – we’d love to read them all!

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Ramadan Kareem from Elays!