Standing up to hate crime together

We think London is the best city in the world.

Why? Because of its diversity. If you were to walk out of our doors at ELAYS and up Wandsworth Road, before heading into Stockwell, on toward Brixton and further into Peckham, you would see people of all different races and backgrounds, hear a chorus of languages and go past businesses selling everything from Polish pierogis to Lebara sim cards (it would be a pretty long walk, but you see what we’re getting at).

It’s currently National Hate Crime Awareness Week (HCAW), an annual event that raises awareness about hate crime in the UK and runs initiatives to help put an end to it. The theme this year is #SpreadLoveNotHate, so we want to spread the love and remind everyone that London loves its diversity; it embraces it and allows it to prosper.

A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other perceived difference. (Met Police)

We at Elays Network have been and want to continue tackling this by using our resources and facilities to engage, educate and inspire the local community. On the 18th October we opened our hall to the local community to have these conversations, with flowing tea, coffee and snacks we delved into what hate crime is, the different types of hate crime and what we can do collectively to tackle it.

Here are some of the pictures and quotes from our event:

“We have more in common than we think”


“We all have stories to share, let’s have coffee and talk”


“Talk to the police, don’t be scared to report incidents to the police”


“Encourage all businesses to provide training to staff to increase awareness of discrimination”