5 ways you’ll try to forget the hunger and thirst of fasting this Ramadan

There are no two ways about it. A 19 hour fast means you’re gonna feel pretty hungry and thirsty this Ramadan. Each year, we find new ways of trying to make the hunger and thirst hold out until maghrib, some of them work and some of them are plain desperate, and we’re pretty sure you’ve tried some of these methods too.

1 – Gargle the thirst away

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Ramadan breath is REAL y’all. There’s nothing like that feeling of having a Sahara-dry mouth with your tongue dragging as you try to lick your lips. If you can’t swallow the water, surely you can gargle it for the rest of the day? Been there, done that!

2 – Doing your work

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If there’s one time in the year you can’t make excuses of making snacks to revise or going off on 8 hour “lunch breaks”, it’s Ramadan. Probably a good thing exam season landed in Ramadan this year then!

3 – Spring clean all summer

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Your wardrobe, your room, everything. Suddenly you’ve got to clear out your whole wardrobe and colour co-ordinate what’s left. Or sort through all of the photos and videos on your phone and laptop – but end up getting lost in that family holiday in 2007 or embarrassing pictures from primary school. Either way – it’ll take your mind off that tummy rumble.

4 – All the cooking videos please

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Not sure about you, but the longest days in Ramadan are spent looking at cooking video after cooking video all featuring recipes you’ll never make because nothing beats that good chicken you’ll be eating as soon as you break your fast. Watching these recipes might seem like torture, but it’s more like therapy for the experienced faster. That honey Oakwood roasted Salmon on a bed of Himalayan rocket and asparagus has never looked so tempting.

5- Worship

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The single best way to spend your Ramadan, you know it, I know it – is worshipping Allah through the day and night. If there’s one method that you aim to ace this Ramadan, make it this.

What are some ways you’ve tried to distract yourself from the hunger and thirst of fasting? If you’ve got a useful tip to do just that – share them over on our Facebook page!