A Place for Youth: Come Down to Elays Corner


It’s often said that London is a ‘melting pot’ of cultures and ethnicities.

In fact, it’s what makes London great. “We don’t simply tolerate each others’ differences, we celebrate them,” says the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

He’s right.

There are many corners of London, from Brick Lane to Kensington, from Golders Green to Clapham.

What brings them all together is a diversity that enables the coming together of different cultures and communities, an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to share and experience each other’s cultures.

We all have to find our corner. The place where we feel most comfortable to grow in confidence and forge our place in the world.

Welcome to Elays Corner. We’re in Wandsworth, south west London. We’ve created a corner shaped just for you. A place where you can not only find your voice but make it heard, nice and loud.

It’s designed especially for teenagers. You could say it’s a place for YOUth. Meet, greet, network, have fun.

We made this video as an introduction to Elay Corner. So you can have a taste of what we’re about before you head down.

Elays Corner is your corner. A place where you can discuss topical issues of the day and get your creative juices flowing through debate, art, music and loads more.

In October, we focused on Black History Month. It was a great way to celebrate the hugely positive contributions of black people to the UK and learn about what makes Britain, well, Great.

In November and December, we’ll be looking at topics that’ll excite you . If you have one in mind please get in touch and tell us.

Britain is an incredibly welcoming country with a rich cultural heritage. In fact, one the fundamental British values is mutual respect for one another regardless of faith or ethnicity. But we know that the young people in our communities can sometimes feel isolated or that their voice isn’t being heard.

We want all of our young people to reach their potential. We know you’ve got it and what you can be. We’ve got your corner. Elays Corner.

See you there at our next event. Contact us to find out more.